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‘Calm The Fluff Down’ aromatherapy rollerball

‘Calm The Fluff Down’ aromatherapy rollerball

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Calm The Fluff Down aromatherapy rollerball

A natural alternative to help ‘Calm the Fluff Down’.   So why an anxiety rollerball? We found serums to be too messy, and sprays to be too aggressive…so THE FIRST rollerball for dogs is born!

The aim of this aromatherapy rollerball is to  support in reducing signs of anxiety, stress and aggression during reactive situations. Whilst there is no exact cure for these ailments, using natural remedies appropriately can support in minimising the signs of:

  • Reactive dogs/aggression
  • Fear/Noise - fireworks!
  • Anxiety, stress
  • ADHD in dogs & humans
  • Restlessness/hyperactivity
  • Loneliness/separation anxiety
  • Travel - car anxiety
  • Sleep/insomnia in both humans/pets

How to use: The product can be applied directly to a pets bandana, collar or bedding.  You can also apply a little product to your fingers and gently brush over the muzzle, underneath the chin, chest and behind the ears during reactive or stressful episodes. The handy travel-size roller ball is perfect for popping into your pocket for walks and travel. We suggest using sparingly and upon demand during reactive episodes or before anxious situations such as fireworks, car anxiety or separation anxiety. For severely anxious or reactive dogs we recommend speaking with a pet behavioural therapist with regards to a thorough training plan to support your needs. 

Created using human-grade ingredients, sweet almond oil and soothing essential oils.  The benefits of this blend include:

  • Vetiver - known as the ‘oil of tranquility’ it can support in minimising signs of restlessness, aggression and hyperactivity.  
  • Lavender - creates a calming effect on the senses, the ultimate de-stress anti-anxiety oil
  • Bergamot - encourages a positive vibe and regulates the mood,  the zest lifts the spirits and can support with depression/low mood


SIZE; 10ml rollerball

Keep out the reach of children and pets

Although we use premium quality, human-grade ingredients not all pets react the same, if you experience any adverse reactions discontinue use immediately. Ingredients include sweet almond oil, lavendula angustifolia, vetiveria zizanoides, bergamot essential oil 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This really does work, calms my extremely nervous Jack Russell down for car journeys

Fabulous Little Roll On

Omg this little gem is so useful for dogs with separation anxiety. My puppy wasn't a fan of his crate and would cry when I went upstairs, so we tried to give aromatherapy a go. We use this in our little night time massage routine and comb a small amount through the fur behind his ears. Or dab some on the blankets covering his crate or bed and have significantly seen a reduction in his anxiety. Cannot thank you enough for creating this wonderful product!


My dog is petrified of fireworks. I bought this roll on, along with the anxiety candle & together they really are a magical duo. Cooper is calm & snuggled on the sofa rather then hiding, scared behind it. Would 100% recommend, wish I’d bought them sooner!

Didn't work :-(

Shame it didn't work for my dog but I can't blame the product solely as my dog is super nervous and they do say in the description of this product to get into with a pet therapist aswell... I think this product would be great if your pet suffers with mild anxiety. It smells lovely and handy side and nice packaging... just not right for my dog unfortunately xxx