About us

Welcome to Paws Right There®, where we're deeply passionate about natural, vegan, and guilt-free grooming products for you dog. Our mission is to provide spa-like, natural products enriched with responsibly sourced ingredients for your furry family members and offer pet-friendly home fragrances for conscious households. While we proudly stand as a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly option, our primary focus is on enhancing the well-being of your pets and your space.

🌿 Natural Ingredients, Tailored for Your Pets 🐶

Your pet's well-being is our top priority. That's why our range of grooming products is thoughtfully crafted with natural, vegan, and responsibly sourced ingredients. From luxurious shampoos that make bath time a breeze to soothing paw balms, we pamper your pets with spa-like indulgence and guilt-free care they deserve. Our approach ensures that every product not only pampers but nurtures the overall wellness of your beloved companions.

🌎 Reduce Plastic Waste, Minimise Environmental Impact ♻️

We're committed to environmental responsibility. Our conscious packaging options provide an opportunity for you to make an impact in your home and on the planet. Many of our products come in zero plastic packaging or with minimal plastic. By choosing Paws Right There®, you're making a sustainable statement that contributes to a cleaner world.

The Paws Right There® Team 🌿🐾

For Stockists and wholesale enquiries please contact sales@PawsRightThere.co.uk