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Bonfire night bundle - dog firework anxiety

Bonfire night bundle - dog firework anxiety

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Is your furry friend one of those anxious dogs during fireworks displays? You're not alone. Fireworks can turn your pet into a jittery pup, but fear not!

This bundle is designed to provide a natural, holistic solution for your anxious dog. If you have a dog who is scared of fireworks, our Anxiety Calm Balm, Goodbye Anxiety Room Mist, and Calm the Fluff Down Rollerball are tail-wagging essentials.

By snagging this bundle, you’re not only saving nearly £5, but you’re also getting a trio of pet-friendly treasures.

  • Anxiety Calm Balm
  • Goodbye Anxiety Room Mist
  • Calm the Fluff Down Rollerball.

Our Anxiety Calm Balm isn’t just for anxiety; it’s a dual-purpose delight! Soften up those paws and indulge your pet’s senses with the calming fragrances of lavender and chamomile. Talk about a “pawsome” perk! 🐕

The Goodbye Anxiety Room Mist is a game-changer – whether it’s in your cozy home, the car, or even on your pet’s bedding. And guess what? It moonlights as a snooze-inducing pillow mist for you, the humans.

For some on-the-go zen, just roll on the Calm the Fluff Down Rollerball to your pet’s collar or bandana (NOT DIRECT ONTO SKIN). It’s like a chill pill for your furry friend!

Don’t let Bonfire Night become a “ruff” experience. Opt for our “Bonfire Night Bundle,” and let the good times roll – no fireworks required! 🎇 Your pet will wag their tail in appreciation!

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As a dog groomer I have been using these products with the dogs I groom which works well with my aromatherapy and reiki.