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“Aloe sensitive soul” Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

“Aloe sensitive soul” Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

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“Aloe Sensitive Soulnatural dog shampoo bar is created using oatmeal & aloe Vera, it is super gentle, soothing and also great for puppies. 

Benefits of this shampoo bar:

  • Soothing and natural for sensitive skin, suitable for puppies.
  • Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory and acts as a protectant on the skin,  it is great for allergies/hay fever - use regularly to wash your dogs paws/legs/underbelly to minimise allergy symptoms caused by pollen in the summer & pollutants in the Autumn/Winter such as road salt 
  • Aloe Vera contains vitamins A and E which work hard to reduce any mild inflammation 
  • Gentle yet cleansing formula that lathers up to a bubbly delight
  • Mildly scented - a hint of lavender essential oil included to ensure the mildest natural formula, for super-sensitive skin
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable and free from any Palm Oil or RSPO
  • ZERO plastic - do your bit for the environment change from plastic shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar
  • Your dog will dry quicker after bathing in comparison to using ‘synthetic’ liquid shampoo, which can leave silicone coatings on your pets fur 

Our natural, handmade, vegan shampoo bars are packed with a blend of amazing oils to nourish and cleanse your dog’s skin and fur leaving it feeling silky, soft and free from any build up. We even noticed how fast our dog’s dried after bath time due to no silicone build up after rinsing! Our sulphate-free blend will cleanse your dog’s fur without stripping it of its natural oils and created using sustainable ingredient free from any palm oil.

HOW TO USE: thoroughly wet dog with warm water. Lather the shampoo bar directly onto the fur in swirling circular motions to create a lovely little lather. Rinse well, dry, and set your dog free to do some “Zoomies” around the home (not mandatory, but we find most dogs love a mad 5 minutes after an invigorating cleanse). Finish off with some Paws Right There paw balm for the ultimate pamper session.

HOW TO STORE YOUR SHAMPOO: After usage, rinse bar of any loose hairs. To avoid sogginess caused by absorbtion of water, bar should be left to dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry place. The shampoo bar doesn’t have an expiration date if stored properly, and in a non-humid environment.

Please note that due to the natural oils used, the colour may vary dependant on batch.

 Ingredientssodium olivate, sodium coco ate, sidearm sheabutterate, aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf powder, avens sativa (oat Kernel) flour, lavandula angustifolia, alkanna tinctoria, linalool


NET weight 80g 


Keep out the reach of children. Although we use the highest quality ingredients all dogs react differently, if your dog experiences any reaction please discontinue use immediately

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fave shampoo bar for my dog !

Such a gentle shampoo for my very sensitive dog ! It also lathers very well ! I highly recommend this product. For me it’s lasted a lot longer than my liquid dog shampoo.

Linda Gray
Best Soap I have ever purchased for my fur baby. Worth every penny and last for ages.

I have used so many soaps on my itchy fur baby but nothing has really helped.
I am using this soap on his paws, legs and tummy and it is making such a difference.
He suffers with bouts of wet eczema, which leave him with red sore and weeping sores.
His paws can get very itchy on top and leave a fungal infection. We have our little beauty routine at night before bed which has made his paws 99% better. And I feel its important to give his paws, legs and tummy a quick dry with the hair dryer.
The soap does not leave any residue and his wet fur dries so quick. Lovely aroma.
I have purchased a little travel soap dish container to keep it in. When I have finished washing him at night I find if I leave the soap dish box open overnight, close it in the morning, then the soap dries perfectly to use the next day. No waste or mess!
Usually when I wash him with his poochy soaps my hands get sore. They have become more moisturised in using this soap.
I am about to place an order for some more.

We're so happy to hear what a difference this has made. Natural products really can be life changing