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Goodbye Anxiety - Pet Friendly Wax Melts

Goodbye Anxiety - Pet Friendly Wax Melts

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Pet Friendly Candle/Dog friendly/Vegan Friendly  wax Melts 

Our "Goodbye Anxiety" pet friendly wax melts offers the ULTIMATE relaxation for you and your dog. The floral notes of lavender teamed with the warm anchor of cedarwood is a winning combination:

Lavender & Cedarwood scented candles...what do we know?

  • Reduces stress & anxiety in both dogs & humans
  • Alleviates headaches (the intensity & frequency)
  • Ensures a relaxing environment for anxious or nervous dogs, perfect to have burning during fireworks on the lead up to Christmas & New Year (use it in conjunction with our £5 Anxiety Calm Balm for Paws)
  • Can reduce nervousness & depression/low mood for us hoomans
  • Support in reducing mild insomnia & maintaining a healthy sleep schedule (which in turn boosts your immune system)
  • Eases PMS.... yes ladies!
  • Cedarwood provides mental clarity, deodorises those doggie smells, decreases hyperactivity and eases tension 


So…what makes a pet friendly/dog friendly candle or wax melt?  The majority of candles on the high street are created with paraffin wax, a derivative of petroleum which releases nasty toxins when burnt such as toluene, benzene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein, which should be avoided for humans, and most certainly our beloved dogs.  Many also have lead wicks which when burnt, can emit potentially harmful substances, which if inhaled by your pet can cause sickness, dizziness and possibly seizures. The majority of candles on the high street include synthetic colours and fragrances which can cause allergy symptoms.


Paws Right There candles & wax melts guarantee: All of our candles and melts are created using 100% plant-based natural coconut and rapeseed wax.  Our wax is free from palm, soy, paraffin, artificial additives and is also considered vegan friendly.  Our candles and melts are hand-poured at our HQ in Cheshire using the highest quality, cruelty free, natural and sustainable ingredients. Our natural cotton (lead-free) and unbleached wicks ensure the cleanest burn possible. We use 100% natural essential oils and no synthetic fragrances, parabens, carcinogens or other nasties.
No Plastics… we use glass jars for our candles and glassine bags for our melts, and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Thank you for supporting our UK based small business - we always love to feature your beloved pets on our Instagram so please tag us into your pictures @PawsRightThereUK - we choose one customer per month to refund who has shared our products to their social media - so get posting!

4 long-lasting wax melts per bag - net weight 45g, 




Although we use the highest calibre natural ingredients if you or your pets become unwell or have any allergic reaction discontinue use immediately 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

A lovely relaxing smell. The scent lingered in the room for a while after candle went out too!


Love these wax melts. Everyone who comes to the house comments on how nice they smell without being overpowering. Great they are safe for my dog too.


Been a good day

paula chandler

lovely smell


Excellent product - send my dog into a lovely relaxed state.